Why we help

How would you feel if you had to live from now without health care?

The Kham region in eastern Tibet is dominated by agriculture and is inhabited by small farmers, whose life is marked by extreme poverty. For example regarding medical care there is a single Tibetan doctor who is solely responsible for more than twenty widely scattered villages. Many of her patients have, however, no significant or no financial means to pay for life-saving treatments appropriately. Infrastructure such as health insurance are non-existent. So she gives many of the villagers medical treatment for free or in exchange for crops.

Since the physician must in turn provide a large family, she relies on a reasonable payment. The only alternative for her would be to accept a job in a very distant, larger city – with the consequence that they would leave an entire region with twenty villages without any medical care – not to mention the purchase of much-needed medicine.

Shendön  would like to support the vital work of this doctor with your financial resources. Your contribution can provide and improve the health system of a whole region!

Did you know that many Tibetan children in Tibet can not attend school because the tuition is missing?

Even the Tibetan children need a future! Their situation is already very difficult and their life circumstances often depressing- they lack all the necessities of life. Without the possibility of schooling young Tibetans will have neither hope nor realistic chances of ever improveing this intolerable situation on their own.

The school fees, school uniforms and the necessary teaching materials are prohibitive for most Tibetan families in Kham, so many children have to stay home and go to the family on the field or in the house on hand.

With your donations Shendön will allow Tibetan children an education, thus giving the region a long-term perspective!