About us

Initiated by Geshe Ngawang Thaphke, who supports suffering children in Tibet since many years, his disciples founded the project “Shendön” within the charitable association “Tibetzentrum Köln Thoesam Ling e.V.”. The Tibetan term “shendön” means “association to support others”.

The mission of Shendön is to make a contribution to the improvement of the often unbearable general situation of the Tibetan people in Tibet and in India, preferrably by encouraging and supporting self-help. The main focus points are the vital issues education, health-care, local facilities and sponsorship placement.

The team of Shendön is committed to arise hope and give necessary support that way. Help can be so easy – even with little money you can achieve a big and positive effect!

Thank you so much for your engagement and your support!

If you have questions, comments or need some further information, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.